Thursday, April 17, 2014

Another snowy cold Spring day....

I saw this morning someone had come up with a new season for us here in Wis...."Sprinter" yup...sounds about right! We had about 3 days of 50* weather and now gone!! Had brown grass and mud starting to show and now have everything covered by white stuff again! Now if this was November I would be happy but hey Mother Nature it is the 17th of April here!!!
All this bad weather tho has allowed me to spend time on the computer learning how to do new stuff woohoo. I am slowly learning how to make brushes ... that pink area behind the photo is actually a brush I made. I am not real good yet but if the weather keeps up...well I can only get better. I used a kit by Kyra called "Beyond Time" awesome designer that lady, thanks to her for sharing!
I want to wish all of you a very Happy and Blessed Easter....for all I am Thankful for this time of year, you are all up at the top of my list.
Well I best go see if Hubby needs anything (right!!) and then start my day....
As always my friends "Fill it to the Brim" with chocolate bunnies, peeps, jelly beans and most important the knowledge of what these next few days are all about.... Hey Ladies God loves you and so do I!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I can hear....

Between your birthday and Easter...I am not sure which you loved more LOL...I am leaning towards Easter!! I close my eyes, I hear you smile. When Bonnie closes her eyes and listens, she hears you singing " Christ the Lord is risen today" Your favorite Easter song. You had alot of favorites fact just about everything made you smile (well except for bad had a special word for them LOL)
Gosh, I cant believe it will be 19 years in June. Time does not make it easier Kiddo, it just makes it different. I do think of the what if's...the might have beens..cant help that. When that happens my tears are sad ones. I also think of the good times, the laughter, the pure Joy of a moment... and then my tears are happy ones. Funny how tears work huh? They say time changes everything....nope....some things time does not touch....the fact that you are my Sister , I love you, and a whole heart full of memories ...  time cant even put a dent in that!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

long time no post.....

No excuses other than busy doing nothing again!! It has been so flippin' cold that sitting in one spot I have to worry about freezing there!! I know I complain about bees and wasps and wood ticky ticks that come in the spring and summer but.......this year I Promise....NO COMPLAINING!!!!!!!
This photo is Sam the Man. I took the picture Christmas morning over at his house when we went there for breakfast. Boy I look at this and it is amazing how much he is growing up! He is still my Sam the Man...but a bigger version!
Okay off to get more coffee...then make supper and relax on the couch for a bit...yes covered with an Afghan!!
As always dear friends..."Fill it to the Brim" Make every drop count...even the frozen ones !!!
Hugs to you all...Always

Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas long ago

Bonnie, Patti, me (hiding behind my Mom), Susi and my brother David. I am not sure of the year. I know my brother was still in high school (the permed hair gave that away LOL) It had to be the 80's. Gosh we still have those same Christmas stockings!!
Brings back memories...makes me smile....makes me cry a bit too. We lost Patti to a very courageous battle with cancer. I can still hear her voice when she walked in on Christmas Eve " Merry Christmas everyone, sorry we're late"  (She was never on time) Memories...kind of a love/hate sort of thing. Glad we have them, but wish they ...oh I don't know...hard to explain.
Okay enough, back to work for me. Have cleaning and laundry to do...and figure out how to stay warm, wind chill is minus 38 here this morning...BRRRR!!!
Have a great one !!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Zack and Paige

To be 14/15 and "In Love" do you all remember that time in your life?? I do and it makes me smile and also wonder what ever happened to the "one I would be with forever"
Paige is a sweetie and Zack is so great with her, so gentle and tender omg ! Took this at our Family Christmas. Zack had asked both me and his Mom if she could come. Ahh yes .....young love!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wow not been here since August??? Bad blogger!!!

I have had an interesting time... had a lot of time spent with grandkids...which I loved and also had emergency surgery(that I did not love) It ended up being my gallbladder but because I have never had your typical symptoms, I was not aware there was a problem. The doctor was concerned because levels in my liver were basically off the chart. I guess when they call the surgeon in at 4 in the morning it is a bit of an emergency LOL But all better now!! Looking forward to Christmas!!! Have been working on cards and qp. they will be on my other home. We have our family Christmas early this year, the weekend of the 14th. Family will start arriving on the 12th and stay till the 15th. Hectic and fun and I love it!!!  The qp up there is from a kit called "Coziness" by Manu. There is a qp page on my other home and a link to her site.
Okay off to take the pups outside for a break and then curling up with a new Debbie Macomber book.
Hugs to you all....
And as always "Fill it to the Brim" and ENJOY!!!!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sam and a friend

Been a bit since I have been in here.... sorry bout that. It has been hot, muggy and yucky so have not really felt like doing to much even in here. I have been working on blog backgrounds for ya all so will try and get those finished and up. The grandkids have been over quite a bit. Zack mostly, he has been helping cut and stack wood for winter (we keep our fireplace going most of the time to save on heating costs)  Miss KBB and Sam the Man spent a weekend also.... oh they are a trip separately but together.... OMG!!!!!!!! I built them a tent over the clothesline and they thought I was the most talented  person ever LOL.... (I am I am LOL)
Had a bad storm go thru last night, even tornado sightings, we just had lots of lighting, wind and thunder. All is well this morning, some tree damage, but not close to here. I am so ready for Fall, even Winter...NO STORMS...and that's a good thing. I will take 12 inches of snow any day compared to a strong wind storm (we live surrounded by trees .. BIG trees)
The page up there is Sam the Man and a "Friend" originally he was sitting on my back porch LOL The kit is a new one from RDH called "To be happy"
Well, my coffee cup is cold, so need a warm refill and have to get in the shower so I can get ready to face the day....Have a great ones my friends... filled with memories .. and as always "Fill it to the Brim"
Love and hugs .... Always